From This Story We Have Learnt

Topic Progress:

– The special blessings of Allah descend on the days of ‘Id.

– ‘Id is a day of celebration, festivity, play and amusement.
– Everyone must wear their best clothes on the day of ‘Id.

– ‘Id salah should be performed on an open field for all to see.
– The ‘Id grounds should be simple yet attractive.
– The most learned and pious should lead the salah.
– The ‘Id salah should be performed early in the morning.

– A short lecture should be delivered after the ‘Id salah.
– This lecture must be educational and inspiring.

– ‘Id is a day of visiting relatives and friends, eating and laughing together, and sharing with others.

– Never forget the less fortunate in times of joy.
– Always concern yourself with the grief stricken, even if they be strangers.
– Stop and help strangers in difficulty if it is safe.

– Always show concern and love to orphans.
– Never abandon orphan children.

– Always show loving kindness to an adopted child and never scorn them.

– Only those who have experienced affliction themselves understand and sympathise with the suffering of others.

– We must always display love and respect for the Prophet [s].
– It is a noble Sunnah to adopt orphan children.
– Nabi Muhammad [s] loved all children.