From This Story We Have Learnt

– Human beings were civilised from the very beginning and did not evolve.
– All human beings were initially  Muslims, believing in One Allah.
– All human beings were one family and not divided. Only disbelief leads to disunity.
– The good of this world must be enjoyed, and through enjoyment we are led to appreciation of Allah’s favours.

– All who follow the example of Adam [a] will enter Jannah.
– All who follow shaytan will enter Jahannum.
– Allah never forgives that any other be worshipped besides Him.
– Worshipping others besides Allah is called shirk..
– Worship and love for Allah are the very same thing.
– True love accepts no partners.

– We must admire and grieve only for the pious.
– Making pictures of those we admire is first step to idolatry.
– Making statues is another grave step leading to idolatry.
– It is haram to show the type of respect due only to Allah to human beings.

– Allah’s kindness far supercedes His wrath.
– Allah sends Prophets to guide humanity.
– All Prophets follow the way of Nabi Adam [a], the first man and Prophet.
– All Prophets are good, honest, truthful and sincere.
– Disbelievers always reject the message of Prophets.
– Very few people initially accept the message of Prophets.
– Even the children of Prophets can be wicked, and so too can children of the most wicked become Prophets (eg. Nabi Ibrahim [a] ).

– Only Allah guides whom He wishes to. Prophets cannot guide whom they wish to.
– Prophets only convey the message of Allah.
– All Prophets are very patient.
– Allah punishes only those who stubbornly refuse to accept the truth.
– Allah does not punish people until only after the message of truth comes to them.
– Only the believers are dear to Allah.
– Allah protects the believers in the most wonderful ways.
– The guidance that Prophets receive and their actions seems ridiculous to the disbelievers.
– The believers accept the guidance of Prophets and helps them in their mission even if they might not understand the guidance fully.
– Whatever a Prophet says will always come to pass.

– Allah will accept repentance up to the very last moment before punishment, but not after death.
– All unbelievers think that they can escape Allah’s punishment, but none will be able to when it finally comes upon them.
– If people refuse to believe then you cannot force them to do so. your duty is only to convey the message.
– Only those who obey the Prophets are protected and saved by Allah.
– The believers always celebrate by praising and thanking Allah.
– Those who believe in Allah and His Prophets will, in the end, inherit the earth.
– Those who believe in Allah and His prophets will inherit Jannah as the greatest reward.