From This Story We Have Learnt

– Idols are not gods, but images made by human beings.
– All gods besides Allah are created by the human imagination.
– Idols have no life at all, they cannot see, hear, speak or feel.
– Idols cannot help anyone nor do any harm at all.
– Idols are weaker than even the smallest mice.
– Human beings protect Idols. Idols cannot protect human beings, so why worship them?

– Even idol worshippers can have the most pious children who believe in Allah.
– The honest ones who live amongst idolaters know best the foolishness of idolatry.
– Children too are given wisdom and knowledge that sometimes far supercedes that of adults.
– Children are honest because they see things for what they are.
– We should never be afraid to speak the truth, even if others may despise it.

– Prophets are pure and pious from childhood.
– Prophets are brave, even as little children, because they fear Allah and Allah alone.
– Ibrahim was called Khalil-ullah, the Friend of Allah.

– Allah has given all people understanding but they sometimes refuse to make use of it.
– People often refuse to accept the truth because they fear : poverty and the loss of wealth – like Azar who was afraid that he would lose the money he earned from selling Idols; social acceptance – like the people of Ur who knew that Idols where no god but were afraid that they may be ostracised; tyrannical rulers – like Nimrud who would kill those who disobeyed him even if he was in error.
– People can only believe if they are led to acceptance voluntarily.
– Only the most obstinate disbelievers still refuse to believe even if clear proof comes to them. They recognise truth but instead of accepting, they conceal it – this is the meaning of Kufr ie. to conceal or cover.
– Belief does not depend on miracles, because the stubborn Kafir will not believe even if he witnesses miracles. A Muslim will believe without any miracle whatsoever.
– Stubborn people who are are cornered and who cannot justify their position always resort to violence.

– Wise examples are necessary in teaching people important lessons.
– Prophets do not desire wealth, popularity or power. All they desire is that people worship Allah alone.

– Allah always protects those who believe in Him, trust Him and call others to His way.
– Allah has power over all things.
– Allah can make what is harmful beneficient, and so too He can make what is beneficient harmful.
– Only Allah gives life and death, and only Allah controls all creation.
– Allah will disgrace those who disbelieve and give honour to those who believe.

– Powerful kings pretend to be gods simply to fool people into obeying them and following their evil ways.
– The ‘power’ of wicked kings is so weak that even a child who speaks the truth makes them fearful.
– Tyrannical kings fear truth the most because it exposes them for the frauds they truly are.
– Those who do not worship Allah say and do the most foolish things.
– Patience and wisdom are the qualities of Prophets and impatience and foolishness are the qualities of the Kuffar.

– If people refuse to believe then we should not compell them, but rather go along to another group who might accept the truth.
– If we are hindered in practicing our faith then we should migrate to another land where we can do so freely.
– Dry deserts in which Allah is worshipped are dearer to the believer than gardens in which Allah is rejected.

– In preaching Allah’s religion we sometimes have to leave those dearest to us.
– Allah always protects the family of those who call others to him.
– Allah provides for the callers to his way and their families in the most miraculous ways.

– Believers, both men and women, must always put their trust and faith in Allah.
– Hajar was a pious and obedient wife.
– Zamzam water is a blessed water from Allah which has been flowing for more than five thousand years.

– Prophets are loving, kind fathers.
– Fathers must play with their children and make special time to spend with them alone.
– Spending time and playing with children creates the deepest love and affection.

– Love for Allah must be above all else, for after all he created us and all that we have.
– Love for Allah means sacrificing those things dearest to us, even our very own flesh and blood.
– Those who love Allah never hesitate to obey Him.

– shaytan always attempts to prevent us from obedience to Allah, and his greatest weapon in this regard is ‘self interest’.
– All that is required to defeat shaytan is not to listen to his evil whispering.

– Children can be stronger in faith and obedience than even many adults, just as ismail [a] was.
– Nothing happens without the permission of Allah, even a knife does not cut without His permission.

– Allah did not want that Ibrahim kill his son, neither did Allah want the childs blood, but rather He intended to display to us the meaning of true faith and love for Him, the love of Ibrahim.
– We remeber Nabi Ibrahim’s [a] true faith every year by sacrificing during the Id al-Adha celebration.

– The Ka’bah was the first house, the first Masjid, built for the worship of Allah alone.
– Nabi Ibrahim [a] and his son Nabi Ismail [a] built the Ka’bah.

– Allah blesses his truthful servants and accepts only their offerings.