From This Story We Have Learnt

Topic Progress:

– Making mistakes is part of human nature.

– If we make a mistake and commit a sin we must repent immediately.

– Repentance means:

1) regretting what we have done

2) begging of Allah’s forgiveness

3) trying our best to refrain from the sin

4) and trying our best to set the wrong done right.

– Sinning causes Allah’s anger.

– Only sincere repentance can remove that anger.

– Allah’s treasures of Mercy are limitless.

– The only thing in which we can really have hope in is Allah’s mercy.

– Sinning causes remorse and sorrow in the hearts of the believer and no remorse in the hearts of the disbeliever. If we feel no remorse then it means that our Iman is very weak indeed and if we do feel remorse then it means that we are true believers.

– Allah forgives all sins even if they be equal to the heavens and earth together.

– Allah’s mercy brings joy to the hearts of the believers.

– If we fail in our repentance then we must always try again. By simply attempting to reform Allah forgives all our sins.