Learn Etiquette When Visiting The Toilet

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The following etiquette should be kept in mind when visiting the toilet.


– Do sit while passing urine and stool.
– Do use your left hand when performing istinja’.
– Do remove any rings, amulets, badges or pieces of paper which have the name of Allah, His beloved Prophet [s], any Qur’anic verse or Hadith written on them before entering the toilet.


– Do not pass urine and stool while standing. Sometimes it may be unavoidable to stand. In that case you should be extremely careful that your clothes are not soiled.
– Do not face the Qiblah (the direction of the sacred Ka’bah) nor sit with your back towards the Qiblah while in the toilet.
– Do not use the right hand for istinja’.
– Do not sit in a place where you may be seen by others.
– Do not urinate or pass stool in any public area like parks, thoroughfares, pavements and roads nor under any tree, nor in a dam, pool, river or well – in short, in any place where people take rest or which they frequently visit in connection with their daily needs.
– Do not strip completely naked while passing urine or stool. Only expose that much as is required to relieve oneself without soiling ones clothes.
– Do not talk, read or reply to a greeting when you are in the toilet. It is completely impermissible to recite a verse of the Holy Qur’an, or a Hadith, or any other sacred words while in the toilet. Even to say ‘Al-hamdu lillah’ after sneezing, while relieving oneself, is impermissible.