Learn Sunnah Etiquettes of Adhan And The Masjid

Topic Progress:


1) When the adhan is called then pause all work and games and repeat its words along with the mu’adhdhin.
2) Try not to speak while the adhan is being called.
3) Recite the du‘a’ after the adhan has been called.
4) If you are calling the adhan then it would be preferable to have wudu’.
5) Call the adhan in a clear and melodious voice.


1) Enter the Masjid with the right foot.
2) Recite the du‘a’ when entering the masjid.
3) Do not enter the masjid if your clothes or body are foul smelling.
4) Dress respectfully before entering the masjid.
5) Place your shoes neatly in the shoe racks.
6) Do not talk aloud in the masjid.
7) Do not talk of worldy matters when in the masjid.
8) Do not fidget, play or misbehave in any way in the masjid.
9) Do not stare about in the masjid.
10)Do not litter in the masjid.
11)Remove any dirt you may see in the masjid.
12)Perfume the masjid.
13)Do not burp or break wind in the masjid.
14)Do not stretch your legs in the direction of the Qiblah.
15)Do not walk in front of those who are performing salah.
16)Leave the masjid with the left foot.
17)Recite the du‘a’ when leaving the masjid.