Learn the following Sunnah Etiquettes of Thanking

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1) Always thank others for the favours done or the gifts given, no matter how insignificant it may seem to be.

2) Show gratitude by trying to do as much of a favour as has been done to you.

3) If you are not able to do this then at least pray for the giver of the favour or gift.

4) The best way of showing thanks is to use the gift in the correct manner and not to abuse it.

5) Never ignore or conceal a favour done to you.

6) Never reject a gift given.

7) Never take back a gift given.

8) Always express thanks with a smile.

9) By giving gifts and thanking others in turn, love and affection between people increases.

10) When thanking someone remember that Allah is in fact the true giver of the gift. Allah has used the person to bring the gift to you. Therefore thank Allah too by praising Him.