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There was once a nomad who lived all by himself in a faraway desert. He spent his days caring for his camels and walking over the golden sand dunes from one oasis to the next. At night he would settle himself under a palm tree and gaze into the skies, admiring its beauty and vastness. Looking at the twinkling stars and silvery moon he would say to himself, “Oh! How very beautiful!”. At dawn, before the sun rose, he would pray to Allah, praising Him and thanking Him for all the blessings and the beauty of creation he enjoyed. Until, one day, a caravan of disbelievers passed by that way. Seeing the desert nomad praying to Allah, one of the disbelievers approached him asking, “How do you know that your Allah exists?” The desert nomad answered, “Footprints on the sand tell of a traveler. A piece of fabric points to a weaver. A painting to a painter. The heavens with its stars, the earth with its mountains and valleys, and the sea with its waves – don’t they point to the Creator, Allah, all-Powerful, Knowing, Wise and Caring?”