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One day the Sahabah [r] were sitting with the Prophet of Allah [s] when, all of a sudden, there appeared a stranger, walking towards them from the desert with pure white clothes and pitch black hair. It did not appear that the man had traveled as his clothes were spotless and neither did any of the Sahabah recognize him.

The man walked up to the Holy Prophet Muhammad [s], passing calmly through the people who were present. He kneeled down and sat in front of the Prophet of Allah [s] in such a manner that his knees were touching the knees of the Prophet [s]. He then leaned over and said, “O Muhammad, what is Islam?”

The Prophet replied, “Islam is that you believe that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His messenger, and that you perform regular Salah, and give Zakah, and observe fasting during the month of Ramadan, and perform the Hajj if you can afford the journey.” Hearing the Prophet’s [s] reply, the stranger remarked, “You have spoken the truth!” The Sahabah [r] were quite surprised at this remark. The stranger first asked the question and then agreed that the answer was correct. How very strange indeed. Who was he and why was he asking what he already seemed to know?

The stranger then continued to ask questions and every time the Prophet [s] answered, the stranger remarked, “You have spoken the truth!” The Sahabah [r] listened attentively to every word of the strange conversation. “Who was this man?” they asked themselves. Eventually, the stranger got up and left as suddenly as he had appeared.

The Sahabah [r] were baffled. They were curious to know who the stranger was and why he asked those questions. They had listened attentively to everything that was said hoping to find a clue. The Sahabah [r] respectfully did not ask the Prophet [s] for they knew that he would not withhold what was important for them to know. The Holy Prophet remained silent. Sometime later the Prophet [s] asked, “Do you know who the questioner was?” Omar Ibn Al-Khattab A Sahabi [r] replied, “Allah and His Prophet know best!” The Holy Prophet [s] thereupon said, “That was Angel Jibra’il – he came into your assembly to teach you your religion.”