lessons learned

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– The best of all teachers is the Holy Prophet [s].
– The best of all students were his Companions [r].
– The better the teacher the better the student. Therefore always look for the best teachers, especially when studying Islam.
– Ignorance of Islam leads to corruption of the religion.
– Wudu’ must be performed correctly in order to pray.
– If the Wudu’ is not done properly then the Salah would not be accepted and all the reward would be lost.
– It is necessary to correct people if they are doing something wrong.
– Children can have more knowledge than adults.
– Children can teach adults too.
– Adults should never feel embarrassed to be corrected by children.
– Do not correct anyone in a manner that would cause them embarrassment.
– The best method of correcting others and teaching is by setting a good example.
– Children must respect adults.
– Not causing them embarrassment is one manner of showing due regard to them.
– Youngsters must always greet elders first.
– Always return a greeting with a better one.
– Muslims compete in acts of righteousness and piety, not acts of amusement and frivolity.
– Be prepared to learn from everyone, even if they be younger than ourselves.