Lessons Learned From Hadith 2

Topic Progress:
  • That the Angel Gabriel himself came to teach the fundamentals of the Faith to the Sahaba (Companions) by asking questions to the Messenger [S].

  • An angel can come in the shape of a man who can be seen by people.

  • As part of the Islamic manners, one of the good ways of sitting with the teacher is to sit with one’s knees against him and placing your hands together on the thighs of the teacher.

  • One can teach others by asking about that which he already knows.

  • The teacher should answer the questions even if he knows that the person asking (the questioner) is aware of the answers.

  • Although the thigh is part of the awrah, one can touch it if it is covered.

  • If someone wants to know about Islam generally, then he should be made aware of the pillars which constitute it.

  • Islam is built on the five pillars which have to be acted upon with iman and ihsan. Denying any one of these pillars and not wishing to fulfill any one of them makes you a non-Muslim.

  • Belief in what Allah has destined for us, whether it is perceived to be good, or bad, is part of iman, and without believing in it, our iman is incomplete and defective.

  • One may believe in Allah but one has to be always conscious of the Last Day too.

  • One must accept the Messengers sent by Allah.

  • As part of the Islamic manner, the questioner can approve of the teacher’s answer by saying that the answer is correct.

  • One must develop ihsaan in all that he does so that he is as much aware as he can be that Allah is indeed watching every move that he makes.

  • As part of the Islamic manner, the teacher should be ready to accept and say that he does not know the answer or that he does not know it better than the one asking (the enquirer).

  • It is permissible to talk about the signs of the Last Hour.

  • The signs of the Last Hour are real and concern how we live and behave.

  • If someone comes to a people and goes away from them without the people knowing who he was, the he can be identified to the people.

  • Although the Companions were the best of the people and were the most knowledgeable, they did not interrupt with their own answers, nor did they show impatience at the questioner. Therefore as part of the Islamic manners, if someone asks a question to the teacher in a group, then the others in the group should keep quiet until one of them is asked for help.

  • It is not permissible to say that there is a certain length of time left before the end of the world, for none knows but Allah, not even the Messenger [S].