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– The arch-angel Jibra’il [a] is the angel of Revelation.
– Nabi Muhammad [s] would only tell people what Allah had instructed him to, and never offer his own opinion.
– Guidance and revelation are a mercy which Allah can withdraw if His servants are disobedient.
– Prophets are never disobedient to Allah.
– Revelation and Divine guidance, the Holy Qur’an, is a source of tremendous comfort, relief and joy for believers.
– Angels are majestic creatures made of light.
– Angels are pure.
– Angels are offended by any impurity, whether it be spiritual or physical impurity.
– Statues and the display of pictures of animals and human beings are Haram.
– Keeping dogs as pets in the house is Haram.
– Dogs are unhygienic creatures and their saliva too is impure and harmful to human health.
– They cause impurity by soiling the floors of homes and licking household items.
– Angels are offended by impurity.
– The angels of mercy do not enter the homes which are impure.
– The angels of mercy do not enter houses in which are pictures and statues of animate beings are displayed.
– It is permissible to have pillows, couches and rugs which have pictures of animals and human beings on them as these are sat and trampled upon and deliberately not shown any respect.
– A true Muslim does not hesitate in implementing the commands of Allah no sooner does he come to know of it.