Lessons Learnt From the Story

Topic Progress:

– Islam taught people modesty and hygiene.

– Nabi Muhammad [s] loved mankind more than a father loves his own child.
– Teaching others the correct manner of living shows true love.

– It is not permissable to relieve oneself in the presence of others.
– It is not manly to be immodest.

– Care must be taken that no urine falls onto the clothing when relieving oneself.
– If impurity soils ones clothing it must be removed immediately. Washing the impurity away is sufficient.
– Allah loves only those who remain pure and clean.

– It is a noble Sunnah of the Holy Prophet [s] to visit the graveyards regularly and pray for the deceased.
– Our love for others must extend beyond this world because we live beyond this world.
– Nabi Muhammad [s] was able to see the unseen condition of the inmates of graves.
– Reward and punishment begin in the grave.
– The grave can either be a garden of paradise or a pit of hell.

– We must guard themselves from minor sins too.
– Being careless about hygiene and carrying tales are sins which warrant punishment.

– By praying for the forgiveness of the deceased Allah removes their punishment or at least alleviates it.

– Placing the twig was merely an indication of the time during which Allah would relieve the sinners of their punishment. It should not be made into a custom. Flowers too should not be placed on graves as this is the custom of the Christians and the disbelievers. Muslims should not follow their customs.