Topic Progress:

– learn about the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Makkah, its basic methodology and significance

– discover that Hajj represents a very special form of worship which, unlike Salah, Zakah or Sawm, is both a physical and monetary form of ibadah

– appreciate that performing the Hajj is a way by which Muslims show their commitment to Allah & their readiness to sacrifice all their comforts & pleasures for His sake

– realize that Hajj is a reminder of our death, when we will leave the world with nothing but simple pieces of cloth to cover our bodies

– discover that Hajj is also a reminder of the Resurrection when all human beings will be brought back to life and answer for their deeds on this earth

– understand Hajj is also a way by which Muslims come to know the history of the blessed Prophet Muhammad [s] and the land and cities in which he lived

– learn that Hajj is a reminder to all mankind of the sacrifices and devotion of Prophet Ibrahim [a] in serving Allah and the true religion, the religion of Islam

– know that Hajj is a gathering of peace – peace with Allah, peace with one’s soul & peace with all of creation