Topic Progress:

– learn about the various forms of Taharah, purity & cleanliness

– recognize that Taharah includes cleanliness of the body & surroundings as well as purity of heart & mind

– appreciate that Muslims are duty-bound to have pure thoughts and feelings which in turn lead to virtue and the performance of good deeds

– discern that we should not allow any form of impurity or dirt to gather or remain on our bodies or clothing

– understand a Muslim home must be kept Tahir (clean) and tidy at all times and that children should be made to participate in this endeavour

– discover that the Masajid are the most important of public places and must be kept exceptionally clean and well perfumed

– learn that it is not possible for a Muslim to practice Islam and be in a state of impurity

– learn that it is not possible to attain closeness to Allah without observing Taharah first