– learn about the significance of ‘Wudu’, ritual ablution, its method, etiquette and various categories

– discover that Islamic rites and rituals will not be valid and worthy of merit if wudu’ is not performed correctly

– appreciate that wudu’ is not just washing but that it reminds a Muslim that his inner being needs to be purified too, his heart and mind, attitudes and actions

– realize that a number of prerequisites must be fulfilled before performance of the wudu’, eg. istinja’

– discover that the steps and acts of wudu’ can be divided into various categories, some being Fard, some Sunnah, and some Mustahab

– understand that there are also certain acts that are Makruh when performing wudu’ & others that are Naqid

– learn that wudu’ is necessary before performing certain deeds and Sunnah on other occasions