– learn about the Prophet ‘Isa [a]

– discover that Allah creates whatever he wills by simply uttering His command “Be!”

– discover that believing people who turn away from Allah’s Religion become even more evil than the Kuffar

– appreciate that the poor accept the message of Prophets more readily because they are not blinded by pride & wealth

– learn that enemies sometimes pretend to be friends. These are the most dangerous type

– learn that the most evil crime is to change the Religion of Allah and use it to acquire wealth and privilege

– learn that what falsehood fears most is to be exposed. For that reason it does everything in its power to remain hidden

– learn that the evil we wish for others will always return to us

– observe that the Jews have distinguished themselves as the greatest enemies of Allah’s Prophets

– understand that Nabi ‘Isa [a] was not killed. Allah took him into the heavens and one day he will return