Topic Progress:

– learn about Generosity in Islam

– realize that our wealth belongs to Allah and it must be used on ourselves and shared with others in a manner that pleases Allah

– discover that generosity is not only about giving money to the less fortunate but includes giving our time, knowledge, labour, and our skills to those who may need them.

– appreciate that wealth which we spend on ourselves is only enjoyed for a short time, while wealth which we spend on others will be enjoyed in Jannah forever.

– discern that it is a great blessing to have wealth, but an even greater blessing to have the knowledge and ability to spend it wisely and generously on the less fortunate.

– learn that what we give generously to others will stand as a protective guard for us in the hereafter against the fires of Jahannam.

– understand that giving generously is a way of strengthening iimaan (faith) and tawakkul (trust in Allah).