Qur’an And Hadith About Do and Don’ts of Fasting (Sawm)

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Allah has declared:

“O you who believe; Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may learn piety.”

“Whomsoever amongst you (Muslims) is present in the month of Ramadan, then let him observe the fast.”


Our beloved Prophet Muhammad [s] said:

“(Ramadan) is the month of patience… and sympathy… for which the reward is Paradise.”

“Allah has no concern for the one who utters falsehood and commits sin while fasting.”

“If any of you is fasting, he should not speak any vulgar word, nor create any disorder or disturbance.”

“Do eat the suhur meal as there is great blessing in it.”

“Lie down for a while in the afternoon (during Ramadan) as it will refresh you for the night prayers.”

“Muslims will prosper for a long as they break their fast promptly.”

“Break your fast with a piece of date, or a draught of milk, or a sip of water.”