Qur’an And Hadith About Hosts And Guests

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Allah has declared:

“Has the story reached you of the honoured Guests of Ibrahim? Behold, they entered His presense, and said, ‘Peace (be upon you)!” He replied, ‘Peace (be upon you too),” and thought, ‘These seem to be strangers’.” Then he turned quickly to his household brought out a fatted calf, and place it before them saying, ‘Will you not eat?'”


Our beloved Prophet Muhammad [S] said:

“He who believes in Allah and the last day should honour his guest. Provision for the road are what will suffice for a day and night. Hospitality extends for three days – what goes beyond that is charity. And it is not allowable that a guest should stay till he makes himself an encumbrance.”

“When one goes to his brother Muslim’s house and takes meals there, then he should pray for the mercy and blessings of Allah for him. This is the (best) gift to him.”

“One should welcome his guest by coming out of his door, and while bidding farewell. He should accompany him to the door of the house.”