Qur’an And Hadith About Musa [a]


Allah has declared:

“And then We sent Musa and his brother Harun, with our signs and clear authority, to Fir’awn and hi chiefs. But they were scornful and they were a people who were arrogant.”

“Then We inspired Musa to, “Strike the sea with your staff” And it divide, and each separate part became like a huge, firm mountain.”

“We saved Musa and those with him and We drowned the others. Indeed in that there is a sign, and yet most of them do not believe.”


Our beloved Prophet Muhammad [S] said:

“Indeed Musa praised his Lord saying, ‘All praise be to Allah Who has honoured me by speaking to me (without any intermediary), Who has chosen me as his Apostle, Who has revealed the Tawrah to me, Who has destroyed Fir’awn at my hands, and Who has saved the Children of Israel through me”