Quran And Hadith About Nuh [a]


Allah has declared:

“(Nuh said) ‘O my people! Worship Allah! You have no god but Him. Truly I fear for your the punishment of dreadful day.”

“…build and Ark under our watchful eyes and our inspiration and address me no further on behalf of those who are in sin, for they are about to be overwhelmed (in the flood).”


Our beloved Prophet Muhammad [s] said:

“Allah drowned all the evils doers of the earth in the flood and none remained except the ark of Nuh with its occupants.”

“People will say (on Day of Judgement), ‘O Nuh! You were the first of the Messengers of Allah on earth, and ALLAH has honoured you with the tittle of ‘The Grateful Bondsman’, so intercede on our behalf before your lord!’…”