Qur’an And Hadith About Obey The Allah’s Orders

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Allah has declared:

“Obey (the commands of) Allah and obey (the commands of) the Prophet…”

“O you who believe, do not make haram (unlawful) the good things which Allah has made halal (lawful) for you, but do not commit excess, for Allah loves not those who are given to excess.”


Our beloved Prophet [s] said:

“There is no deed more pleasing to Allah than that which has been made fard upon his servants. And when the servant of Allah performs nafl deeds so as to attain proximity to Allah, Allah loves him.”

“The halal is unambiguous and the haram too is clear. But between these two lies a doubtful area, so abstain from that which is doubtful for you could so easily then fall into the haram.”