Read And Explain The Following (About Salah)

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Salah means prayer.
Salah is the second pillar of Islam.

There are five daily Salah’s which Allah has commanded us to offer.
These are :
1) Fajr – the dawn prayer
2) Zuhr – the midday prayer
3) ‘Asr – the afternoon prayer
4) Maghrib – the evening prayer
5) ‘Isha’ – the night prayer

When the time for Salah approaches we must stop all work and play and prepare ourselves for prayer.
We should all be quiet and peaceful.
When offering Salah we should feel as if we are standing in front of Allah and that He is looking at us.

A Muslim speaks to Allah through Salah.
Salah is the best way of worship ping Allah and showing gratitude to Him.

Salah cleanses us of sin and helps us to do good deeds.
Salah brings us closer to Allah and takes us to Jannah.

Muslims offer Salah together in the masjid.
If there is no masjid in the neighbourhood then Muslims offer Salah at home together with their family members .
A Muslim woman does not have to offer Salah in the masjid. She may offer it at home.

Salah is the most important difference between a Muslim and a Kafir, a non-Muslim.

There are sixteen postures when performing a basic Salah.
We shall learn each posture one by one.