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In case we are not able to perform wudu’, Allah permits us to perform Tayammum.

Tayammum is a ritual dry cleansing, without the use of water.

The following may be reasons for not being able to perform wudu’:
– The time for salah may be coming to an end and there may be no water available nearby.
– One is too sick to perform wudu’
– The available water is too little and it is necessary to save it for drinking.

The steps in performing Tayammum are as follows :

1) Declare your Niyyah in Arabic or in your own language.

2) Thereafter say

3) Now strike both palms on clean earth, dust or stone.

4) Blow the dust from your hands.

5) Then, wipe your entire face, from forehead to chin, with your hands , once. The sand itself must not be rubbed onto the face.

6) Strike both palms on clean earth, dust or stone again.

7) Blow the dust from your hands.

8) Then, wipe the right arm with the left hand, from the fingertips upto the elbows.

9) Wipe the left arm with the right hand, from the fingertips upto the elbows too.








10)Finally, wipe the spaces between the fingers of one hand with the fingers of the other.

Remember that no part of the face or arms must be left untouched.

All rings, watches and bangles must be removed before beginning Tayammum.

Tayammum must be repeated for every salah.

The Tayammum comes to an end when the reasons for making it come to an end, that is:

– When water becomes available.
– When a person recovers from his sickness.

Tayammum, like wudu’, also comes to an end when:

– A person passes urine and stool, or breaks wind.
– There is a flow of blood or pus from any part of the body.
– A person vomits (a mouthful).
– One falls asleep.