Read And Explain the Following. (Preconditions of Fasting)

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Sawm (ie. fasting) is the third pillar of lslam.
All adult Muslims must abstain from eating, drinking and intimate relations with their spouses from dawn (Subh Saadiq) to sunset (Maghrib), during the days of Ramadaan (the ninth month of the Islamic calendar).
Those who are travelling or sickly can defer fasting during Ramadaan, and make up for the missed fasts later.
Children may fast too if they wish, but it is not compulsory upon them.

The purpose of Sawm is to:

…develop piety and god-consciousness.

…gain Allah’s pleasure & closeness to Him.

…gain the eternal rewards of Jannah.

…gain protection from the fire of Jahannam

…discourage Muslims from committing evil.

…remove sin and cleanse the heart.

…enlighten the thoughts and ideas of a Muslim.

…develop self-control and overcome greed, selfishness, laziness & other weaknesses.

…develop compassion & solidarity with others, in particular the poor.

…allow us an opportunity to experience the discomfort of hunger and thirst, which will increase our concern for the poverty stricken

…make us even more generous and kind.

…develop gratitude for Allah’s many favours which are taken for granted.

…make Muslims humble by acknowledging their dependance on Allah’s gifts of nutrition for their survival.

…develop sincerity because it is an act of worship which no one can see except Allah.

…free us from slavery to hunger, intimate desires and sensual pleasures, which are all animal qualities.

…help us imitate the angels, who are free from animal qualities, and never distracted by them, and therefore, are the best servants of Allah.

…fine tune the body and shed it of obesity and sloth.

…improve health and remove illness.