Read and be able to explain the following. (Sajdah as-Sahw)

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Sajdah as-Sahw means “Prostration of Forgetfulness”.
Sajdah as-Sahw are the two sajdahs performed to correct mistakes made during Salaah.

Sajdah as-Sahw becomes necessary to perform in the following instances:

1) If a Waajib component of salaah is omitted unintentionally.
(NB: If a Fard component of salaah is omitted, unintentionally or intentionally, then the salaah will have to be repeated altogether. Sajdah as-Sahw will not be valid in this case.
Similarly, if a Waajib component is omitted intentionally, then the salaah will be repeated as well.
No Sajdah as-Sahw is performed for any Sunnah component of salaah that is omitted, unintentionally or intentionally.)

2) If the sequence of Waajib or Fard components in salaah is changed (eg. performing Sajdah before Rukuu’).

3) If a Waajib or Fard component of salaah is delayed for more than the time it takes to recite “Subhaan-Allah” thrice (ie. about three seconds).

4) If a Waajib or Fard component of salaah is repeated more than is prescribed (eg. reading Tashah’hud twice during qa’dah).

5) When one changes the nature of a Waajib act (eg. reciting Suurah Faatihah aloud during Zhuhr instead of silently).

The method of performing Sajdah as-Sahw is as follows:

1) After reciting Tashah’hud during the last Qa’dah, then perform Salaam ilal-Yamiin only (ie. turn the face to the right saying “AsSalaamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmat-ul-llaah”).
2) Then perform two extra Sajdah’s (ie. Sajdah Sahw).
3) Thereafter sit in Qa’dah again and complete the salaah as normal (ie. recite Tashahhud, Salawaat Ibraahiimiy, Du’aa of Istighfaar, Salaam ilal-Yamiin and Salaam ilal-Yasaar).


4) Sajdah as-Sahw is performed once only, even though more than one mistake may have been made during that particular salaah.

In the case where Salaah is being performed with Jamaa’ah (ie. in congregation) … :

1) and the Imaam (prayer leader) makes a mistake requiring Sajdah as-Sahw, then the entire congregation will perform Sajdah asSahw with the Imaam.

2) If a Muqtadii (ie. a follower performing salaah behind an Imaam) makes a mistake during Salaah in Jamaa’ah (ie. in congregation) then Sajdah as-Sahw will not be performed by the Muqtadii.