Read And Explain the Following (WITR Prayer)

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The WITR Salaah is performed any time after the ‘lshaa Salaah till just before Subh as-Saadiq (dawn – ie. just before Fajr Salaah).
Witr Salaah cannot be performed before the Fard Salaah of ‘Ishaa.
It is called Witr (meaning ‘odd’) because of its odd number of raka’aat.
Witr Salaah is Waajib (necessary to perform).
The Witr Salaah consists of three raka’aat, similar to the Fard Salaah of Maghrib.

Witr Salaah is normally performed individually, however, in the month of Ramadaan, Witr Salaah is performed in congregation after the Taraawiih Salaah.
(NB: Details regarding Taraawiih Salaah will follow.)

The procedure of performing the Witr Salaah is as follows:

1) First, make the intention of three Raka’aat Witr Salaah.

2) Then perform the first two Raka’aat as is normally performed.

3) After the Tashah’hud of the second rak’ah, stand up for the third rak’ah.

4) Recite Suurah Faatihah and another Suurah (or a minimum of any three aayaat).

5) Then raise the hands up to the ears saying “Allahu Akbar” (ie. Takbiir).

6) Thereafter fold them below the navel as is normally done in Qiyaam. (Women & girls will fold their hands over the chest.).

7) In this position recite the Du’aa Qunuut.

Du’aa Qunuut (Supplication of Obedience)

“O Allah, we seek Your help, and ask Your forgiveness,
and we believe in You, and put our trust in You, and praise
You in the best way.

We thank You, and we are not ungrateful, and we cast off
and turn away from whomsoever disobeys You.

O Allah, You alone do we worship, and to You alone do we
pray, and before you alone do we prostrate, and to You do
we hasten and eagerly serve.

We hope to receive Your mercy,
and we fear Your punishment.

Indeed, your punishment overtakes the disbelievers.

8) Thereafter, say “Allahu Akbar”, and bow down into Rukuu’, and complete the Salaah as is normally done.