Read And Explain The Following

Muslims believe that there is no god except Allah, the One True God.
The word ‘Allah’ is an Arabic word meaning God.
The word ‘Allah’ is the correct name of God.
The word ‘Allah’ includes all that is perfect and good.
Allah revealed this name to His Prophets [a] through revelation.
He commands us to call Him by this name.

Allah is One, having no equals, no sons or daughters, no father or mother, no wife or partner.
Belief in the Oneness of Allah is called ‘Tawhid’.
Before Allah created creation there was nothing but Him, and after he destroys all creation there will remain nothing but Him.

Allah is perfect, having no faults or weaknesses.
Allah is greater than we can ever know or imagine.
Allah is independent, needing no one at all, while everyone and everything needs Allah.
We can give Allah nothing at all, while Allah gives us everything.

Allah has created everything.
Allah controls everything.
Allah has created the angels, jinns and human beings.
Allah created the sky, the stars, the sun, the earth and the moon.

He created the mountains, clouds, oceans and rivers.
He makes the wind blow, the rain fall and the snow fluffy white.

Allah created the animals, the birds, and the fish.
He makes the trees grow.
He makes the flowers bloom.
He makes the fruits ripen.
Allah created this beautiful world for us.

He made the human being His Khalifah, His Vicegerent, on earth.
A Khalifah is one who does Allah’s work on earth.
A Khalifah is one who cares for Allah’s world and all His creatures.
A Khalifah is given power over many things.
In doing his duty a Khalifah always follows the command of his Lord, Allah.

A Muslim is one who surrenders his will to Allah and obeys His commands.
Allah commands us to believe in His Oneness, in His angels, His books, His Prophets, His Qadr (His Power over all things, good and bad) and life after death.
Allah commands us to follow His religion Islam, His book the Qur’an and His final and most beloved Messenger, Muhammad [s].

Allah knows everything, He sees everything and He hears everything.
Nothing happens without His knowledge and permission.

He is very close to His servants.
When we ask for His help, He helps us.
When we ask for His guidance He guides us.
When He rewards He is very generous.
When He punishes He is very severe.

We came from Allah, we belong to Him and to Him is our return.

There is no other god besides Allah and no greater power than His.