Read and be able to explain the following: (We are Muslims and our religion is Islam)

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We are Muslims and our religion is Islam.

We declare the Shahadah:

Shahadah means to bear witness. Those who make this Shahadah and believe in it are called Muslims.

The word ‘Islam’ comes from the Arabic word ‘aslama’, which means ‘to obey’.

Islam is a religion of obedience to Allah.

The word ‘Islam’ also comes from another Arabic word – ‘salima’ – which means ‘peace’.

Islam is a religion of peace.

Islam is a religion of obedience to the will of Allah, and by so obeying Allah we attain peace.

A Muslim is one who accepts Islam as his religion and follows its teachings.

A Muslim is one who believes in Allah as his God and Creator.

A Muslim is one who believes Nabi Muhammad [s] to be the final Prophet and Messenger of Allah.

A Muslim is one who follows the teachings of the book of Allah, the Qur’an.

All the Muslims are one Ummah. Ummah means a community or a nation.

This means that all the Muslims are one community of believers. All Muslims have common beliefs and all of them follow the teachings of Islam.

Muslims are not one race, they are not one color, and they do not speak the same language. But all Muslims are one Ummah, one huge world community.

All Muslims are brothers and sisters to one another. Muslims live all over the world. Muslims live in Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Australia.

Muslims are brown, white, black and yellow. There are more than one and a half billion Muslims in the world. Out of every five persons living in the world one is a Muslim.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. A day will come when everyone in the world will be Muslim.

All Muslims are equal before Allah. No one among them is superior to the other. The Arab is not superior to the non- Arab neither is the non-Arab superior to the Arab.

But those who are more pious and have done more good deeds are better in the sight of Allah than those who are not pious and have done few good deeds.

Islam was taught by all the Prophets [a]. Islam is the only true religion. Islam is the only religion that pleases Allah and leads to Jannah.

All other religions are false and lead to Jahannum (Hellfire). We thank Allah for giving us His religion, Islam. We thank Allah for sending us His book, the Qur’an.

We thank Allah for choosing us to be the Ummah of His last and greatest Messenger, the Holy Prophet Muhammad [s]. We thank Allah for making us Muslims.