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Angels are a special creation of Allah.
The Arabic word for Angels is ‘Mala’ikah’.
The Mala’ikah were created to glorify, worship and serve Allah.

Angels are made of Nur, a divine light.
They cannot be seen.
Angels are pure.
Angels cannot commit sin.
They always fulfill their duties.
They are never disobedient to Allah.

Angels do not eat or drink.
They do not sleep nor do they gettired.
They are neither female nor male.
They have neither families nor children.

Angels were created long before the creation of Nabi Adam [a].
They live for millions of years and do not die.
No one, but the Prophets [a], knows what they look like.
They can take different shapes and forms.
Sometimes they take the form of very handsome men.

Angels have huge wings.
Some have two wings, some three, some four and some others have many, many more.
We do not know exactly what their wings look like either.

Allah has created millions and millions of angels.
No one knows their exact number.
They occupy the heavens and the earth and every other world Allah has created.

Amongst the Angels, Jibra’il [a] is the greatest.
Jibra’il [a] is the angel of Wahi, of Revelation.
He brings the laws and books of Allah to the Prophets [a].
Sometimes he is sent by Allah to punish those who are disobedient.

Izra’iI [a] is the angel of death.
He takes the souls of people out of their bodies at the time of death.
He is the first angel that we will see.
Izra’il [a] is a comfort to the believers who gives them the good news of Jannah.
But he is terrifying to the disbelievers and is merciless and very harsh towards them.

The angel Israfil [a] has been given the task of blowing the Sur, the heavenly trumpet, which will cause the universe and all of creation to be destroyed. Thereafter Allah will command him to blow the trumpet a second time. All human beings will come back to life and the Day of Judgement will then begin.
Mika’il [a] is the angel appointed to bring the rains and cause the plants, trees and fruit to grow. He is also in charge of the weather and the provisions for men and animals.

Ridwan [a] is the keeper of Jannah.
Ridwan [a] is a most beautiful and majestic angel.

Malik [a] is a terrifying angel who is the guardian of Jahannum.
He has no compassion and mercy and is entrusted with punishing the wrongdoers in hell.

Two angels named Munkar [a] and Nakir [a] will question the dead in the grave.
They will ask them about Allah, their religion, their prophet and their scripture.

Every person is accompanied by another two angels, Kiraman [a] and Katibin [a], one who sits on the right shoulder and the other on the left.
The angel on the right writes whatever good we do.
The angel on the left writes whatever bad we do.
Their record of our good and bad deeds will be presented to Allah on the Day of Judgement.

Mulhim [a] is the angel of guidance.
Every Muslim is accompanied by Mulhim [a] who encourages us to do good.

There are many other angels whose names are known only to Allah.
They fulfill many duties and are always obedient to Allah.
Muslims believe in all the angels of Allah.
Those who deny even a single angel of Allah are disbelievers.