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Allah is the creator of all creation.
He is the controller of all creation.
Allah’s creation is not haphazard.
Everything is in order and everything follows fixed rules and laws.
Everything has its appointed time, place, and limits.
Nothing happens but by His command and according to His law.
“Not even a leaf falls but by His permission.”
Not even a drop of rain forms but by his command.
Not even a blade of grass grows but by His instruction.

Allah’s knowledge and power are in action at all times to keep order in His vast creation.
Allah keeps full control and command over His creation.
He is Wise and Loving, and whatever He does and whatever He makes happen, has a good purpose.
We may not be able to always fully appreciate the reason why things happen because we don’t have full knowledge.
Allah has full knowledge and he plans in a complete and perfect way.

Everything good and bad that happens, happens by his permission.
All good and bad comes as a test from Allah.
By the good that happens to us, Allah tests our gratitude.
By the bad that happens to us, Allah tests our fortitude (patience).

All the situations we find ourselves in are tests from Allah.
These tests are meant to reveal many hidden things, and to educate us, and to make us grow in many ways.
By these tests we come to know the truth of ourselves and of others.
These tests become a reason for us to be rewarded in Jannah or punished in Jahannum.

Allah knows the past, the present and the future of every creature.
The destiny of every creature is already known to Allah.
We, however, come to know our destiny only through our actions.

We have been given the freedom to choose.
We can choose to obey Allah or to disobey Him.
The fact that Allah knows what we will do does not affect our freedom to choose.
When we choose what Allah already knows, it shows that He has perfect knowledge of us.
We cannot hide or escape from Allah.

Allah commands us to think, to plan and to make good choices.
If things do not happen exactly the way we wanted or planned them, we should not lose courage.
We should know that Allah is the One who controls all things.
We should try again and again, doing everything only to please Allah.
Allah looks at our intentions and our efforts.
If we don’t achieve good results, then we know that we have tried our best and Allah rewards us for our good intentions.
We realize that there are many things beyond our control and these are the responsibility of Allah alone.
We realize that we can change somethings and some things we can’t.
We realize that Allah alone controls everything.

A Muslim who believes in Qadr (that Allah controls all things with wisdom) will put all his reliance and hope in Allah.
He will not put his hope or reliance in others besides Allah.
He will pray to Allah because he knows that nothing can be achieved without Allah’s Will.

A Muslim will not become proud when good comes to him nor will he lose hope when bad overcomes him.
He will see everything that happens to him as a test from Allah.
He will do as much as he can to earn Allah’s reward by being grateful and patient.

Every situation, good or bad, is be an opportunity to earn a reward from Allah.