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Before commencing Salaah ensure that you are in a state of Wuduu’ (ritual purity).
Also ensure that all the preconditions of salaah are observed (eg. Cleanliness of the Body, Cleanliness of the Place, Correct Salaah time, etc.)

The method of Salaah is as follows:

1) Stand upright on your musallaa (also called a sajjaadah – prayer mat) facing the Qiblah. Your feet should be parallel & a hand-space apart. (Women & girls will keep their feet together.)

2) Say your Niyyah (intention) either verbally or in your mind. The Niyyah is said as follows:

“O Allah! I intend performing 2 Fard raka’aat of Salaat al-Fajr to gain your pleasure and reward.”

15) While in Sajdah, recite the Tasbiih (Glorification) of Sajdah thrice:

… returning to the Qiyaam posture. This completes one Rak’ah of Salaah.

20) The second Rak’ah should be performed exactly as the first, excluding the Thanaa’ and Ta’awwuzh (ie. repeat steps 7-18). Also, after Suurah Al-Faatihah, a different (descending) Suurah (ie. step 9) will be read in the second Rak’ah – Eg. Suurah Al-’Ikhlaas :

NB: In a three Rak’ah Salaah (as in Maghrib) or a four Rak’ah Salaah (Zhuhr, ‘Asr and ‘Ishaa’) you will stand up for the remaining raka’aat after the Tashah’hud. But for a two Rak’ah Salaah you will remain seated after the Tashah’hud and proceed to the next step. (This will be clarified later)

26) Recite the Salawaat Ibraahiimiy (Abrahamic Benedictory Prayer) while still in the Qa’dah Akhiirah posture.


This completes the two rak’ah Salaah.

As mentioned before, in the four rak’ah Salaah of Zhuhr, ‘Asr and ‘Ishaa’, the whole procedure is repeated except that when you get up to complete the remaining two raka’aat after Tashah’hud (or one rak’ah in Maghrib), you will recite only Suurah Al-Faatihah in the Fard prayers and no other Suurah. (NB: This will be clarified later)

In the Fard prayer of Fajr, Maghrib and ‘Ishaa’, the Suurah Al-Faatihah and Suurah is recited aloud in the first two Raka’aat. While in Zhuhr and ‘Asr it is recited silently. (NB)

In the Fard prayer of Jum’ah Salaah (ie. Friday prayer which is performed in place of Zhuhr) the Suurah Al-Faatihah and Suurah is recited aloud as well. (NB)

In all prayers, the Tasbiih, Hamd, Tashahhud, Salawaat and Du’aa’ are recited silently.