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Nawaaqid (singular: Naaqid) acts are those which, if done, cause the Salaah to be invalid (ie. not acceptable). If a person does any Naaqid act in Salaah, then the Salaah will have to be repeated. These are some of the Nawaaqid acts:

1) Breaking of the wuduu’.

2) Talking, laughing, crying out in pain, replying to a greeting, etc

3) Eating or drinking in Salaah.

4) Turning the chest away from the Qiblah (ie. direction of the Ka’bah).

5) Losing one’s senses or fainting.

6) Omitting any Fard component of Salaah, even if done unintentionally.

7) Leaving out a Waajib component of Salaah intentionally. If the Waajib act is left out unintentionally then Sajdah as-Sahw (ie. prostration for forgetfulness) will be performed to correct the Salaah. (NB: Details regarding Sajdah as-Sahw will follow.)

8) Reciting the Qur’aan incorrectly.

9) Reading from the Qur’aan or any other book while in Salaah.

10) Moving about in Salaah without reason.

11) Performing any action which creates the impression that the Musalliy (ie. person performing Salaah) is not in Salaah. An example of this is tugging ones clothes with both hands before going into sajdah (prostration).

12) Adults standing next to other adults of the opposite gender.