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Allah commands respect and kindness towards parents.
It is compulsory on every Muslim to show goodness and mercy to his parents throughout their lives.
Respect is compulsory even to parents who are not Muslims.
Children must obey their parents in all that is good and righteous.
Parents who ask their children to worship others besides Allah or to commit any evil act must not be obeyed.

Respect for parents includes the following:

To show love and gratitude to them.
To speak to them with kindness and respect.
To strive to do everything that would please them and make them happy.
To offer good advice to parents when it is needed.
To avoid any angry expression to what parents might say or do.
To refrain from disobeying them for this is one of the major sins in Islam together with the sin of shirk.
To avoid saying disrespectful things about the parents of others because they in turn might be disrespectful to your parents.
To look after their needs especially when they become old and cannot properly look after themselves.
To continue to pray for them and ask Allah to forgive them even after they have died.
To fulfill, after their death, any promises they might have made while still alive and to be kind to their friends.

A child must be especially kind and gentle towards his mother and show gratitude to her for giving birth to him and caring for him while he was still a helpless baby.
The Holy Prophet Muhammad [s] emphasized that “Paradise lies at the feet of your mother.” This means that by serving our mothers and being kind to them we can easily acquire Jannah.