Read And Explain the Following

Allah blessed the children of Adam [a] and they spread all over the earth.
They were one big happy family worshipping Allah alone.

shaytan was jealous and angry.
He wanted to destroy the children of Adam [a].
He decided to trick the children of Adam [a] into worshipping others with Allah.
He knew that Allah never forgives Shirk.

There were many pious children of Adam [a] who worshipped Allah alone.
Everyone loved them and admired them.
After they passed away people missed them dearly.

shaytan encouraged the children of Adam [a] to make pictures and statues of the pious people for remembrance.
He then tricked them into worshipping these statues and pictures along with Allah.

Allah decided to send a Prophet to guide the people back to the worship of One Allah.
Allah chose Nuh as His Prophet.

Nabi Nuh [a] called the people to worship Allah alone.
They refused to listen to him.
The people laughed at him and called him a madman.
Some beat him and others even tried to kill him.
Even his very own son refused to believe in him.

Prophet Nuh [a] was very patient and continued to preach to the people for nine hundred and fifty years.
In the end Allah decided to punish the stubborn disbelievers.

Allah commanded Nabi Nuh [a] to build an Ark.
Allah then commanded him to collect a pair of every type of animal on earth in the Ark.
Prophet Nuh [a] and all the believers then boarded the Ark.

Allah sent floods that covered the entire earth with water.
Everything was destroyed.
All the disbelievers were drowned.

After forty days Allah caused the flood waters to disappear.
Nabi Nuh [a] and the believers were overjoyed.
They thanked Allah and praised Him.
They settled on the land and spread over the earth.
They worshipped Allah alone.