Read And Explain The Following

Thousands of years ago, there lived a man named Azar.
Azar used to carve idols out of stone and wood.
People worshipped the idols Azar carved.
Azar was famous.

Azar had a son named Ibrahim.
Ibrahim was a very good and intelligent boy.
Ibrahim did not worship idols.
He knew that idols could not hear, speak or see.
He knew that idols could neither help no harm anyone.

Ibrahim told people not to worship idols.
He called them to worship Allah alone, the Creator of all.
The people became angry and refused to listen to the boy, Ibrahim.
One day the people set out for a festival.
Ibrahim was left all alone.
He went to the temple in which the idols were kept and smashed them all to pieces with an axe.
Ibrahim left the biggest idol and hung the axe around its neck.

When the people returned they were shocked.
They called Ibrahim asking him if he had destroyed their gods.
Ibrahim said to them that it must have been the biggest idol because it had the axe.
The people answered that idols could not do anything.
Ibrahim said that that is what he had been trying to teach them all along.
The people were embarrassed.

They then decided to kill Ibrahim by throwing him into a huge fire.
Allah saved Ibrahim by making the fire cool for him.

Nimrud was the king of Chaldea.
He was an idol worshipper too.
Ibrahim tried to teach him about Allah but he refused to believe.
The king too became angry with Ibrahim and expelled him from his land.

Prophet Ibrahim [a] left his land and travelled for many years through the earth calling people to worship Allah alone.

Allah then commanded Nabi Ibrahim [a] to journey to Makkah.
Nabi Ibrahim [a] travelled to Makkah with his pious wife Hajar [a] and Ismail, their baby son.
Makkah was in the middle of a huge desert.
There were no plants or trees, in Makkah, nor wells or rivers.
There were no people nor animals too.

Allah commanded Prophet Ibrahim [a] to leave his wife and baby, and continue to another land to teach people about Allah, the One.

The mother and her baby were without water.
Allah provided them with the water of Zamzam from an underground stream.
Many people came to live around the well of Zamzam.

When Nabi Ibrahim returned Ismail, his baby son, had grown up.
Allah commanded Ibrahim to slaughter his son as a test of his obedience to Allah.
Ibrahim obeyed Allah’s command.
Just as he began to cut at Ismail’s throat Allah sent a ram to be slaughtered in Ismail’s place.
Ibrahim had passed the test.
Nabi Ibrahim [a] and his son, Ismail, then built the Ka‘bah as a place of worship to Allah.
Till today people from all over the world vist the Ka‘bah to worship Allah.