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Allah commands respect and obedience to teachers.
Special respect and obedience is due to those who teach Islam.
Respect is compulsory even to teachers who are not Muslims.

Children must obey their teachers in all that is good and righteous.
Teachers who ask their students to worship others besides Allah or to commit any evil act must not be obeyed.

Respect for teachers includes the following:

To show love and gratitude to them.
To speak to them respectfully.
To do only that which pleases them.
To refrain from disobeying them.
To follow their instructions carefully.
To be humble before them and never to display pride.
To avoid any disrespectful expression towards them.
To listen attentively to them.
Never to cause a disturbance while they are teaching.
Never to ignore them when the speak.
Never to make fun of them or backbite about them.
To offer advice and suggestions to them when it is needed.
To correct them respectfully if they make a mistake.
To assist them when they need help and to do chores for them.
To pray for them.

A child who is disrespectful and disobedient to his teacher will never be successful.
A child who is proud will not gain much.

Allah gives wisdom and understanding only to those children who are respectful to their teachers.