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Allah commands respect and concern for neighbours.
A Muslim must always help his neighbour.
A Muslim must never cause harm to his neighbour.
A Muslim must be kind and helpful to his non-Muslim neighbours too.

A neighbour is not just the person who lives next-door to you or in your own neighbourhood. A fellow student, fellow worker or even your fellow traveller on a journey are all regarded as your neighbour.

Respect for neighbours includes the following:

– To greet him warmly.
– To smile at him with a cheerful face.
– To help him if he asks for help.
– To lend him if he needs a loan.
– To show concern if he is distressed.
– To nurse him when he is ill.
– To feed him when he is hungry.
– To attend his funeral if he dies.
– To congratulate him if he meets any good.
– To sympathise with him if any calamity befalls him.
– Not to block the sunshine and air by raising your building high without his permission.
– Not to disturb or cause him trouble.
– Not to embarrass him.
– To give him a share when you buy fruits, and if you are not able to, then to bring what you buy quietly and not to allow the children to take them out for him to see.
– Not to boast about what you have in front of him.

No one can be true Muslim unless he fulfills these rights of a neighbour.