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Allah commands us to be hospitable.
A Muslim therefore is always friendly towards visitors and he always shows respect to his guests.
Even when visiting others, a Muslim shows utmost respect to his host.
Visiting others and receiving guests is a time when the best of manners are on display, both on the part of the host and on the part of the guest.
The guest has rights over the host and, similarly, the host has rights over the guest.

In showing respect to a guest a Muslim has many duties.
These are some :

– Welcome the guest at the door with a smiling, friendly face.
– Greet the guest first with AsSalamu ‘Alaykum, ‘Peace be upon you!’.
– Seat the guest and make him feel as comfortable as possible.
– Serve the guest tasty snacks or meals and refreshing drinks without asking him if he would like to have something because he may feel embarrassed to accept your offer.
– If you see that he is enjoying the meal serve him more of the same.
– Do not force the guest to have more than he is comfortable with.
– Do not stare at the guest while he is eating.
– Enquire if he has any other needs like visiting the restroom.
– Sit with your guest and attend to him personally.
– While having meals indulge in light conversation.
– Do not sit in silence nor leave your guest by himself.
– If you have two or more guests treat them equally.
– Give preference to the guest over the housefolk.
– Never cause the guest to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.
– When bidding farewell to the guest accompany him to the door of the house.
– If the guest is from afar then host him for at least three days and three nights.
– If the guest is continuing a journey then give him at least that much provision to take with which will last for a day and a night.

A Muslim always displays the best of manners when guests are in his home.

In showing respect to a host a Muslim has many duties.
These are some :

– Inform the host of your visit if you are able to.
– When arriving seek permission to enter his home by knocking thrice.
– If asked who it is give your full name and do not simply say “Me!”.
– When entering the home of the host greet him with As-Salamu ‘Alaykum, ‘Peace be upon you!’.
– Ask the host about his welfare and that of his family too.
– It is a good habit to give a tasteful and appropriate gift to the host.
– Do not be boisterous and loud in the house of the host. Be humble and polite.
– Do not make any demands on the host nor make a nuisance of oneself.
– Do not interfere with the arrangements in the home of your host.
– If you do require something then ask politely. Never be demanding.
– If food is served to you then eat moderately.
– If a few different dishes are served then at least taste them all if you are unable to eat them all.
– The guest should leave a little food over in the serving trays so that the host does not think that the food was not sufficient. This may embarrass the host.
– The guest must never criticise the food or the home of his host.
– If the guest finds that some food may be disagreeable then he should leave it and eat something else. He does not have to force himself to eat the food.
– The guest should not invite others who have not been invited by the host.
– The guest should assist his host if help is required in the home.
– The guest should not stay for so long as to cause his host inconvenience.
– If the guest is invited to stay at the house of the host then he should try not to stay for more than three days, unless his host insists.
– When leaving, the guest must pray for the mercy and blessings of Allah for his host.

A Muslim always displays the best of manners when visiting others.

Allah loves those who fulfill the rights of their guests and hosts.
Allah has promised Jannah to those who fulfill the rights of their guests and hosts.