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Zakah is the third pillar of Islam. Zakah is a compulsory charity which the rich must give to the poor and needy.

Paying Zakah means giving one fortieth of ones wealth to the deserving Muslims once a year.
It is an act of ‘Ibadah, an act of worship, commanded by Allah.

Muslims give Zakah as an act of obedience to Allah and to gain Allah’s favour and pleasure.
Whoever is miserly and refuses to pay the Zakah will be disobeying a command of Allah and will deserve severe punishment.

Allah is the owner of all things.
We and all our wealth belong to Allah.
The wealth which Allah has given us must be used in a manner that pleases Him.
One way of correctly using His wealth is by giving Zakah.

The Arabic word Zakah means: purity and increase.
Zakah purifies the wealth of Muslims and increases the blessings of Allah.
It removes whatever evil wealth may bring like pride, greed or selfishness.
So Zakah cleanses the heart of the person giving it of pride, greed and selfishness.
It also purifies the heart of the one receiving it from envy, jealous and hatred.

Zakah creates love, respect and well wishing between the rich and poor.
It cultivates a feeling of concern for others and responsibility toward the community.
By giving Zakah we help those who are unable to help themselves like orphans, widows and the disabled.
Zakah provides Muslims with the opportunity of sharing their wealth with the less fortunate.
By caring for others and showing mercy to them Allah shows us special care and mercy.

Zakah helps Muslim communities to distribute its wealth fairly.
It helps bring equality between the rich and poor.

Zakah brings Allah’s special blessings and special favours too.
Zakah increases our wealth.
It brings a great reward in Jannah.
It protects our possessions and saves us from Allah’s anger and His punishment.
Zakah protects us from the fire of Jahannum.

Giving Zakah is a sign of true belief.
Zakah distinguishes the true Muslims from the hypocrites.