Read And Explain The Following

Prophet Ibrahim [a] had two sons, Nabi Ismail [a] and Nabi Is’haq [a].
Nabi Ishaq [a] had many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
They were known as the Banu Isra’il, the Israelites.

The Banu Isra’il settled in the land of Egypt.
An evil king came to rule over Egypt.
His name was Fir‘awn.
Fir‘awn hated the grandchildren of Nabi Ishaq [a].
This was because they refused to believe in the false gods and idols the Egyptians worshiped.

The wicked Egyptians forced the Banu Isra’il into slavery.
The Banu Isra’il were treated like animals.
Fir’awn also ordered that every newborn male child of the Israelites be killed.

During this frightful time a handsome boy was born.
His name was Musa.
Fearing for the safety of the little child, Musa’s mother put him into a basket and placed it into the waters of the river Nile.
The Queen of Egypt found the basket floating on the river.
She decided to keep the child as her own.

Musa grew up in the palace of Fir‘awn as a prince of Egypt.
Although Musa was brought up as a prince the suffering of the Israelites made him very unhappy.
One day Musa saw an Egyptian man beating an Israelite slave.
While trying to stop the Egyptian Musa accidentally killed him.
Musa had to flee from Egypt to the land of Madyan.

There he met the pious Shu‘ayb.
Musa lived with Shu‘ayb and his family for ten years.
One day while travelling with his family, Musa saw a strange light shining from the Mountain of Sinai.
It was the light of Allah and there Musa received his first revelation.
Allah commanded Prophet Musa [a] to go to Fir‘awn and his people and call them to Allah as well as to free the Banu Isra’il from slavery.

Fir‘awn was proud and refused to believe in Nabi Musa [a].
When Prophet Musa [a] showed his miracles to Fir‘awn he claimed that it was magic.
Fir’awn called all the magicians of Egypt together to defeat the miracles of Prophet Musa [a].
The magicians cast ropes to the ground which seemed to turn into snakes.
The people were amazed.
Then Prophet Musa [a] cast his staff to the ground which immediately turned into a huge serpent which swallowed up the snakes of the magicians.
The magicians knew that Prophet Musa [a] was a true Prophet and believed in him.

Fir‘awn was furious and killed them.
Instead of believing in Allah and releasing the Banu Isra’il from slavery Fir’awn became even more cruel.

Allah sent his punishment upon Fir‘awn and the people of Egypt.
But still Fir‘awn refused to believe and stop his cruelty.

Fir‘awn then promised to set the Banu Isra’il free.
But as soon as they began their journey out of Egypt, Fir’awn broke his promise, and with a great army, he set out in pursuit of them.

Prophet Musa [a] and the Israelites came up to the shores of the sea.
Behind them was the army of Fir‘awn and infront the ocean.
They were afraid.
Allah came to help of His Prophet and the waters of the ocean separated allowing the Banu Isra’il to pass through.
Prophet Musa [a] and the Israelites passed through safely.

When Fir ‘awn and his army tried to pass through Allah caused the waters to come crashing over them.
Fir‘awn and his army were all drowned.
Allah saved His Prophet and those who believed in Him and destroyed the evil disbelievers.