Read And Explain The Following

A very pious Israelite lady once lived in the town of Nazareth.
Her name was Maryam.
One day the angel Jibrail [a] appeared before her.
He brought her the good news of a son to be born.
Just as Allah had wished Maryam gave birth to a son.
His name was ‘Isa (Jesus).
He spoke to people while still a baby.
‘Isa grew up to become a Prophet of Allah.
The Jews had become wicked and followed the ways of the idol worshippers.
Nabi ‘Isa [a] called the Jews to give up their evil ways and to return to the way of Prophet Ibrahim [a] and Prophet Musa [a].
The Jews would not listen and apposed him.
Nabi ‘Isa [a] was patient.
He showed them the wonderful signs of Allah.
He brought the dead back to life and he gave sight to the blind, by Allahs permission.
The Jews still refused to accept him as a Prophet.
They were proud and stubborn.
The poor people believed in Nabi ‘Isa [a].
As time passed many more people began to follow Prophet ‘Isa [a].
This made the Jews very jealous and angry.
They plotted to kill Nabi ‘Isa [a].
There was a man who pretended to be Nabi ‘Isa’s [a] friend.
His name was Judas.
He led the enemies of Prophet ‘Isa to capture him.
As a punishment for his betrayal Allah changed the face of Judas to resemble Nabi ‘Isa [a].
Jews captured him instead of Prophet ‘Isa.
He was crucified on a cross and died a painful death.
Allah saved Nabi ‘Isa [a] from his enemies, the wicked Jews.
Allah took him up into the Heavens.
Nabi ‘Isa [a] is still alive in the Heavens.
Allah will send him back to earth before the Day of Judgement.