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In Islam, all human beings are to be treated equally since all human beings are the children of Prophet Adam [a].
All human beings are brothers and sisters in the family of humanity.
Servants and workers, therefore, are not inferior to any other person.
They must be shown respect and consideration too.
The treatment of servants and workers should be the same as the treatment of brothers and sisters.

Just as servants and workers need us, we are in need of them too.
Our lives are made comfortable by the help of our servants and workers.
We must therefore take care of our servants and workers.
We must feed our servants the food that we eat and clothe them with clothes of the same quality as we wear.

We must be kind and understanding towards our servants.
We must be ever conscious that Allah hates those who are violent and abusive towards their workers.
We must never humiliate them or abuse them.

We must never overwork our servants and workers.
If the work is very difficult then we should assist them.
The workload of servants and workers must be kept to a moderate and reasonable level.

Servants and workers must be paid their wages punctually.
They must be paid as much as we ourselves would be happy to receive.
We must never prevent our servants from living with their spouse and their family.
We must do everything in our ability to keep them together.

If a servant or worker does not work well or is not pleasant and amenable then we may dismiss them in a dignified and noble manner.
If a servant or worker is unhappy working for us then we should respect their choice to leave.

We are dependent upon the honesty, goodwill, loyalty and trust of our workers.

Good treatment of servants and workers brings good fortune in this world and the hereafter and ill-treatment brings misfortune.