Read And Explain The Following

Before performing an act of worship, like the daily salah (prayer) for example, a Muslim must prepare himself.
This includes making sure that he is clean and pure.
A special washing in preparation for the acts of worship like salah is called wudu’.
Other acts of worship that require wudu’ are Tawaf (ie. circling of the Ka’bah during Haj or ‘Umrah) and holding the Qur’an when reading it.

Water cleans and refreshes the body before prayer.
But wudu’ is not just washing.
It reminds us that our inner being needs to be purified too, our hearts and minds, attitudes and actions.

The blessed Prophet Muhammad [s] has taught us how to perform wudu’.
We should perform wudu’ in exactly the same manner as he did.

Performing wudu’ brings a great reward (thawab) too.
In order to get the full reward of wudu’ the following should be observed:

– The body and clothes must be Tahir (clean).
– If you have just visited the toilet proper istinja’ must have been done.
– Before commencing the wudu’, sit on an elevated, clean place, like a stool.
– Sit in such a manner that the water does not splash back onto your body or clothes.
– Make sure that the water and utensils (like buckets and jugs) to be used for wudu’ are Tahir.
– If possible, face the Qiblah (the direction of the sacred Ka’bah).

Now you are ready to perform the wudu’.

We have already learnt the method of performing wudu’ in grade one.
Let us revise:

1) Before commencing Wudu’ declare your Niyyah (intention).

You can utter the intention in Arabic or in your own language.

2) Then recite the following Du‘a’:

3) Wash both hands up to the wrists thrice. Ensure that water reaches between the fingers. Begin with the right hand.

4) Rinse the mouth thoroughly three times.

5) Rinse the nose thrice, sniffing water into the nostrils each time.

6) Wash the entire face three times, from the right ear to the left ear and from the forehead to the throat.

7) Wash the forearms up to the elbows thrice. Begin with the right arm.

8) Pass wet hands over the head, from the forehead to the back of the head, once only.

9) Wipe the ears once, rubbing the wet fingers into the grooves of both ears, and pass the wet thumbs behind the ears.

10) Wipe the back of the neck with the back of the hands, once.

11) Wash the feet up to the ankles thrice. Ensure that water reaches between the toes. Begin with the right foot.

12) After completing the Wudu’ recite the Kalimah Shahadah (Testimony of Faith).

13) Then recite the following Du‘a’:

If you are performing Wudu’ in a bathroom which has a toilet then wait till you have come out before reciting the Kalimah Shahadah and Du‘a’.

It would also be better to close the cover of the toilet pot before commencing the Wudu’.

Make sure to leave the bathroom clean and dry.