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Truthfulness is the single most important quality of a Muslim.
Allah commands us to be truthful.
The prophet Muhammad [s] taught us to be truthful at all times.

Because Allah is the absolute Truth, He loves truth and truthfulness.
A Muslim always worships only Allah, the absolute Truth.
The greatest way of showing your belief in Allah is by always being truthful.

A Muslim loves the truth.
He always speaks the truth.
He always acts in truth.
He always lives in truth.
He always stands up for the truth, and…
He is ever willing to die for the truth.
For this reason the very essence of the Islamic way of life is Truth.

For a Muslim no other behaviour is possible, because he finds it impossible to deny the truth.

The creation of Allah is also based wholly on truth.
Everything expresses itself in its real form.
The sun, the moon, rivers, mountains, stars and planets are all based on truth.
They appear just as they really are.
In this vast universe of Allah nothing is based on untruth.
There is nothing which shows itself in any form other than its real form.

This is the character of pure nature.
A Muslim too has exactly the same character.
He is totally free from falsehood or deception.
His whole life is moulded to truth.

He is a true person both inside and out.
Speaking the truth is his very religion. Going against the truth is the opposite of his religion.
He speaks the truth because he knows that not speaking the truth is denying who and what he is as a Muslim.
He knows that when he stops speaking the truth he stops being Muslim.

Truthfulness is not only about being truthful in speech.
Islam, teaches that truthfulness is when the outer conforms with the inner – the action with the intention, speech with belief, and practice with the preaching.

Truthfulness distinguishes the Muslim from the hypocrite, the inhabitant of Paradise from the denizen of Hell, the one whom Allah loves from the one whom He hates.

Truth is like a sword which hunts falsehood and cuts it to shreds.
Whoever fights with truth on his side will not be defeated.
Whoever speaks the truth, his words will prevail.
Truthfulness gives courage to the one who speaks it.
It allows the one who possess it to embark boldly into dangerous situations.
The truthful one is never cowardly and never afraid.

Truthfulness was an essential quality of all the Prophets of Allah.
They were the best of Allah’s creation.
To be truthful means to be like the prophets of Allah, the best of creation.
Being Truthful is the next level in virtue after the level of prophethood.

Those who are truthful are loved by all people.
They are always praised.
They are always admired.
People always want to be in the company of the truthful.

Allah commands us to be with the truthful.
A Muslim always befriends those who are truthful.
By being in the company of the truthful we become truthful too.

Truthfulness leads to good action and good action leads to Jannah.
The status of the truthful person in Jannah is raised above others.
The truthful ones will be closest to Allah in the hereafter.

Our beloved prophet Muhammad [s] has said, “The hard work of the dweller of Paradise is Truthfulness.’’