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The fulfilment of promises is part of truthfulness. Allah commands us to fulfill our promises.
The prophet Muhammad [s] taught us to always fulfill our promises.

A Muslim’s word is sacred.
It is his honour.
A Muslim is duty bound to uphold his honour at all times.
It is therefore compulsory for a Muslim to always uphold his promises.
If we break our promises we lose our honour and respect in the eyes of others.
We especially lose Allah’s good favour and earn His anger.

Whenever we make a promise to another person Allah is always present bearing witness to the promise made.
That is why every promise we make becomes a divine promise, a promise that Allah will question us about.

A Muslim is therefore very careful about making promises.
He knows that every promise made is under the watchful eyes of Allah, and that he will be accountable for fulfilling it.
A Muslim therefore only makes a promise if he is certain that he will be able to fulfill it.
He never makes casual promises.
Whenever a Muslim makes a promise to anyone he makes a point of keeping it.

Those who keep their promises earn the trust of people.

When everyone fulfills their promises then mutual trust is created.
In a neighbourhood or society where mutual trust exists, there is no fear, suspicion, discord and conflict between people.
There is an atmosphere of peace, calm and confidence because there is no fear of promises being broken.

Those who keep their promises are predictable and people can rely on them.
This makes their neighbourhood and society calm and safe.
Being predictable is a good quality which exists on a huge scale throughout the universe which Allah created.
Being predictable makes our universe a calm and safe place.
Every part of our universe is functioning with the most exact precision.
For instance, we can learn in advance about any star, moon or planet’s movement or rotation and where it will be moving after a hundred, or even a thousand years.
Similarly, we know in advance that the day will follow the night.
And so we have the calm and safety to plan ahead, and build, and grow.
Without predictability there can be no growth.
The universe always fulfills it’s promises as Allah has commanded it to do.
A Muslim is part of the universe that Allah has created and he too has to predictably fulfill his promises so that others may plan, and build, and grow.

Not only must we fulfill our own promises but we should also encourage and help others to fulfill their promises.
If we do so we will share in their reward in the Hereafter.
We must also help our parents fulfill their promises especially when they become old and are too weak to do so.
Even after they have died we should fulfill any promises they may not have been able to fulfill in their lifetime.

Fulfilling promises is a sign of a true Muslim.
Breaking promises is a sign of hypocrisy.

Those who keep their promises will be in the company of the Prophet’s of Allah in the Hereafter.

May Allah grants us the ability to always fulfill our promises.