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Justice and fairness to all is an important part of Islamic teaching.
A Muslim must be just and fair to all, including his enemies.

Justice means putting things in their rightful place.
For example, showing kindness and compassion to the victim in a crime, and being sever and unforgiving towards the criminal, is just. It is putting kindness and severity in its rightful place.
Justice also means giving everyone equal and fair treatment, irrespective of their race, status, nationality or religion.

Allah is just and He never oppresses His creation.
Allah commands justice and fairness.
Therefore, those who are just and fair are closest and most beloved to Allah.

Islam teaches that the best of all moral qualities is Justice.
Establishing justice is the most important objective of Islamic teaching, after belief in Allah’s oneness and the duty to worship Him alone.
Just as a Muslim worships Allah alone he upholds justice for Allah alone.
A Muslim upholds justice even if it means going against his own parents, family, friends or even himself.
A Muslim upholds justice even if it may cause him harm or loss.
Upholding justice is an obligation (fard) in Islam and doing injustice is forbidden (haraam).

The very purpose of sending Prophets and Messengers was to establish justice among the people.
Establishing justice has been the objective of all the previous revelations and scriptures sent to human beings.
Justice must be understood and implemented according to the teachings and guidelines set by the Qur’aan. This is because people may have their own understanding of justice which may not always be correct.

Muslims are commanded by Allah to be just to their friends and foes alike.
Muslims must be just to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
A Muslim never allows his hatred of someone to cause him to leave being just and fair.
Similarly, a Muslim never allows his love for someone to cause him to be unfair and unjust to others.
A Muslim knows that being just means being pious, and Allah loves those who are pious.

Being just and fair is a sacred duty.
Whenever a Muslim judges between two people he always judges between them with justice.
By doing this a Muslim fulfills his duty to Allah.
A Muslim always judges by the Sharii’ah, the law of Allah.
The Sharii’ah is a just and fair system of law.
The laws of the Sharii’ah never change.
All other systems of law are not always just and fair.
All other systems of law continuously change.
Justice and fairness never change.
The Sharii’ah never changes.
No government or ruler can change the law of the Sharii’ah.
No government or ruler can step over the law of the Sharii’ah.

No society can survive and prosper if it fails to provide justice.
A society that provides justice will always prosper, even if it is a non-Muslim society.
A society that upholds justice will always be a stable, peaceful and safe society.
A society that does not uphold justice will be unstable, dangerous and unsafe.
It is a duty upon everyone, both the ruler and the\ ruled, to uphold justice.

Justice is not just a duty, but a right that all human beings can demand.
If justice is not done in this world then people will be able to demand justice on the Day of Judgement.
Allah’s justice on the Day of Judgement will be very strict.
Allah’s punishment is very sever.
If we are guilty of injustice or unfairness, Allah will punish us very severely in Jahannam.

Injustice and unfairness are abhorred in Islam.
The unjust are the most hated in this world and in the hereafter.
The unjust will be the most severely punished in the hereafter.

Being just and fair is the most noble of deeds.
It is second in importance only to belief in Allah.
Being just and fair is the greatest of all the duties entrusted to the Prophets.
Judging with justice and dealing with fairness is the most important reason why Allah made mankind his Khaliifah, His deputy, on earth.