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Allah is most Compassionate, Kind and Forgiving and He loves those who are compassionate, kind and forgiving.
Allah’s compassion and forgiveness are greater than His anger and His punishment.
Allah commands that we show more compassion and forgiveness, and less severity and harsh punishment.
If we are compassionate and forgiving to people on earth, Allah will be compassionate and forgiving to us in turn.

A Muslim always chooses compassion, kindness and forgiveness first.
This is because Allah abundantly rewards us for showing compassion, kindness and forgiveness to others.
Allah does not reward for harshness and being unforgiving.
By showing compassion and forgiveness to others, Allah will show compassion and forgiveness to us too.
On the Day of Judgement, Allah will not show kindness to those who were harsh and unforgiving in this world.

A Muslim is compassionate, kind and forgiving towards friends and foe alike, Muslim and non-Muslim.

A true Muslim always tries to repress his anger and overlook the wrong that people may do to him.
A true Muslim always forgives the wrongdoer then tries to call him to good. If a wrongdoer refuses to come to good then a true Muslim gracefully turns away from the foolish, wrongdoing ones.
Good deeds and the evil deeds are not the same.
Therefore a Muslim repels the wrong done to him with a greater good. He is patient at the time of anger, and forgives those who treat him badly.
By repelling the bad with good we earn Allah’s pleasure.
Repelling the bad with good can even change enemies into friends.

Those who forgive others are the most courageous and generous.
Showing forgiveness is a sign of intelligence and wisdom too.
Those who forgive others will have as their reward joy and contentment in this world and eternal happiness in Jannah.

Being able to forgive others is a sign of great character and possessing Allah’s special favour.
Being unable to forgive is a sign of wretchedness and being deprived of Allah’s favours.
Being unable to forgive and show compassion keeps a person continuously unhappy and miserable.

A Muslim is always quick to show compassion and forgiveness, and slow to anger and dispense punishment.
Being quick to anger is from Shaytaan while forebearance and forgiveness are from Allah.
Those who are quick to anger and show little compassion are the friends of Shaytaan.
The friends of Shaytaan cause suffering & sorrow.
The friends of Shaytaan will suffer sorrow in the hereafter.

Compassion and forgiveness brings people closer to one another.
Severity and being unforgiving creates hatred and pushes people far apart.
Allah loves when people come close to each other and do not stay apart.

A teacher especially must be compassionate and forgiving towards his students. This is so because if they are treated unkindly, they will dislike education and turn away from learning.
A teacher therefore must forgive the mistakes of his student and help his students to understand with kindness.

Allah loves kindness and He rewards abundantly for kindness, while He does not reward for severity and being unforgiving.
Kindness and forgiveness beautifies a person, while harshness and being unforgiving makes a person ugly.
The person who is deprived of compassion and the ability to forgive is deprived of all goodness.

However, strictness is necessary when it comes to obeying Allah’s commands.
Strictness in obeying Allah’s commands is a great mercy to all.

Similarly, a Muslim never takes revenge on anybody for his own sake. But when Allah’s laws are broken and violent crimes were committed, a Muslim takes revenge for Allah’s sake and punishes the wrongdoer severely.
This is a way of showing compassion and kindness to the victim of a crime and to society.
Punishing violent criminals is a way of protecting people from any other criminals who may be thinking of committing the same crime.
Punishing violent criminals and not showing them compassion or forgiveness is the best way of stopping crime.
However, if the Sharii’ah permits two forms of punishment then we must always choose the milder one.
This is another way by which we can still show compassion, even when punishing criminals.

Allah has commanded that compassion and kindness be shown to all His creatures, including animals.
We are not allowed to kill animals unless they threaten to harm us or if it is for food.
When we do kill animals for food we must do it with the least pain and suffering to the animal.

Being compassionate, kind and forgiving is a protection against Allah’s anger & His punishment.
The fire of Jahannam cannot touch the compassionate, kind and forgiving person.
The compassionate, kind and forgiving people will be closest to Allah in the highest Jannah, Jannat-ul-Firdaws.
Allah is most Compassionate, Kind and Forgiving and He loves those who are compassionate, kind and forgiving.