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Allah is Merciful and Forgiving. Allah forgives all sins.

Allah’s mercy is far greater than his punishment.

Allah is more merciful than a moth- er is to her baby child.

Everything good we have is by His mercy and not because we deserve it.

By His mercy He provides for us, guides us and protects us.

Allah forgives only those who worship Him alone.

Allah forgives sins up to the time of death.

Allah does not show mercy to those who die worshiping others besides Him.

Because of His mercy, Allah does not punish immediately.

Allah always gives us an opportunity to repent and turn away from wrongdoing.

Allah is especially merciful to those who are merciful to others.

Allah is merciful to those who have hope in His mercy.

Allah does not show mercy to those who think evil of Him.

We will only see Allah’s true mercy on the Day of Judgement when He forgives so many millions of people who will deserve punishment because of their evil deeds.